API - Maximum limit for page_size

What is the maximum limit for page_size when using the following endpoint? (taken from IMX API)


Answer from Discord

We currently return 100 results by default (max. 200), this can be configured using the page_size query param. Our pagination is cursor-based. Each response that contains results also returns a cursor property. Appending the value of the cursor as a query parameter cursor=value will go to the “next” page (next set of results).


I am trying to do exactly what you describe and get in trouble.

First I call https://api.sandbox.x.immutable.com/v1/transfers without any argument, which works fine and in particular returns a cursor (a bit too long to paste here!).

When i try to resend the same empty request but with cursor field = previously received cursor, I get the following error message:

“code”: “input_validation_failed”,
“message”: “There was a problem validating API input, please check the documentation and try again”

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

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Can you post a link how you call it with the cursor?
Coz it works just fine for me with this transfers call

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