Complete confusion with trade prices

Hello dear team!
I’ve asked a similar question before, but this one is different.
Consider the following two immutascan listings 5083 and 61872
In order to get the sell price of those I need to go thru the processed I described in that other thread.

Taking 5083 as the first example, I call orders API first to fetch all order ids, then I go to trades API to cross-match seller and buyer order ids, and then with the resolved buyer order_id I fetch the single order API
That last call returns
{"token_address":"","decimals":18,"symbol":"ETH","quantity":"351000000000000000","quantity_with_fees":"379080000000000000"} where quantity field translates to 0.351ETH which I can also see on immutascan.

Now, doing all the same calls, but for 61872 I end up with {"token_address":"","decimals":18,"symbol":"ETH","quantity":"1190000000000000000","quantity_with_fees":"1273300000000000000"} where quantity field translates to 1.19ETH whereas quantity_with_fees translates to 1.2733 and that’s the one I can see on immutascan.

why is the displayed price different on the website for those two cases?

Hey Enigo!

I believe there is a discrepancy in amount and fees shown on Immutascan because of the way it renders data. The Token Amount on Immutascan seems to be rendered by a GraphQL request and not our API response.

As an example, for this transaction, you can see that the amount shown on the frontend is different from what is actually returned by the orders API.

In general, we should be treating the API as the source of truth. Hope this helps!

Thanks for reply, @Jeffy
Then I’ll rely on API

Just curious, you guys have no relation to actually, right?

That’s right, Immutascan is a community-driven project today.