Get a price of a minted asset

Hey there!
I was looking for a way to get the price of the given asset when it was minted.
This Get a list of NFT primary sales transactions API looks like something that should return exactly that but I see it doesn’t work in production yet as this call returns now results

  1. When do you expect to release for production API?
  2. Will it actually display the price of the minted assets retrospectively? Coz right now even if I open one of the previously minted assets, e.g. this one it doesn’t show how much was payed for the mint.

I understand you’re looking for a way to see the price of an asset when it was minted. Minting is free on Immutable X, so a price only gets associated with an asset when it is first listed for sale.

You can see the price history in our marketplace for previous sales.

Alternatively you can use the orders API to list all previous orders for an asset.

Hey @Jeffy
Thanks for the info.
Can you also help me understand the mechanics here. Say, this asset was only minted and never on sale. But it costed some ILV for the owner to get it in the first place. So there must be a transaction recorded on some blockchain, right?

Hey @Enigo, thanks for the clarification. That does sound like something primary sales would cover in the future. Right now this is still a very new feature that’s being worked on.

For Illuvium, I found this post by the CTO explaining their land sale architecture.

The purchase was executed on L1 while the actual minting was done on L2 (Immutable X). This means you can track the purchase on Etherscan through the asset owner’s wallet activity.

To break it down:

  1. Check when the asset was minted on Immutascan

  2. Check the owner wallet’s activity on Etherscan for the period around the mint.

I found this purchase event that matches the token id of the asset you shared (to see the token id, click on “Decode” under “Input Data”). The price was $1,773.59 / ETH.

(Apologies for the multiple posts, new user—not allowed to post more than two links)

hey @Jeffy, thanks for your replies!
yep, that’s something I was afraid of - I need to read another API to get the prices :sweat_smile:
but just out of curiosity - once primary sales API is live will it also retrospectively fetch the data for all previously minted assets?
and also - do you have a tentative ETA (Q2,Q3) for it to be available in prod?

I don’t think the API will be able to retrospectively fetch data, given there wasn’t an end to end functionality for primary sales and various mechanisms were used to achieve this.

I don’t have an ETA I can share, but stay tuned for further announcements!