Order API symbol field

Hey there, me again with yet another API related question :sweat_smile:

I do understand that you want to switch to Event driven model, and that’s great! But for all the existing data we would still need to use existing API to fetch the data.

So, I was looking at the orders API, those two - Get details of an order with the given ID and Get a list of orders.
The question is - how come getOrder returns the symbol in the buy.data but listOrders does not? Without the symbol it is not possible to distinguish different types of ERC20 tokens (say USDC vs IMX).

Hey hey! You’re right, it seems listOrders is not returning symbol. Will look into this!

Just in case anyone is having this issue as well - there is now Get a list of orders (V3) that returns a correct symbol in taker_fees or maker_fees symbol field

it doesn’t return it consistently, so you would still need to account for the symbol field not being returned

Hey @Jeffy
I’ve been playing around with order API v3 and as mentioned in the previous reply it’s not returning the symbol and decimals fields consistently. I’m especially puzzled by the decimals field. If quantity_with_fees is required but decimals is not - how should I decode the quantity if I don’t know the decimals…?
Is it known to you and your dev team?
Are you going to further enhance it to ensure consistent data? Otherwise it’s kinda hard to rely on this API.

Hey @Enigo, do you have an example of a request that is not returning the symbol and decimals field so that I can look into this?

I have two actually!

  • Get an order (V3) - this one has data in buy.data, but not in maker_fees \ taker_fees
  • Get a list of orders (V3) - there are a few examples, e.g. the very last one in the results, has decimals in buy.data, but not in maker_fees \ taker_fees and symbol is missing

Thanks for sharing those!

  • Get an order (V3) - this order has no maker fees associated with it. Whether an order has maker fees or not depends on whether the marketplace where the order was created actually charges any maker fees, so this is not an indication of a problem.

  • Get a list of orders (V3) - you’re right, I was able to confirm that the symbol and decimal fields were missing for some orders. This is unexpected behaviour and our engineering team has fixed the problematic orders. If you spot any other anomalies, please let us know!

hey @Jeffy

  • Get an order (V3) - has taker_fees tho and there are no decimals and symbol fields
  • Get a list of orders (V3) - I’ve looked thru all the data for sell_token_address=0x9e0d99b864e1ac12565125c5a82b59adea5a09cd and there are 546 orders with no symbol/decimals fields. You can see them here

Thanks for putting together a list! I’ve shared them with engineering and they’re working on fixing the data, but the process will take some time. I’ll update you when it’s complete.

Hey @Enigo, our engineering team has fixed the missing info in the maker and taker fees fields, but let me know if you notice otherwise.

Hey @Jeffy
I can confirm that now all Illuvium Land transactions have decimals and symbol fields and also the fee data is super useful

I think by now there is only one API related question left unresolved, this one. Well, maybe in API v4 :slight_smile: