Please Help; Sent IMX on Cronos Chain; please help recover!

Please somebody help, been trying for literally months to fix a mistake I made… I sent IMX from Cryptocom to Gate and by accident sent it with CRONOS chain… i have no ability to retrieve it via cryptocom or Gate… i am so lost even how to ask for help.
All the info is listed here, i will pay whatever is needed out of the IMX to whoever can help retrieve it.
Thanks for any time, i appreciate it.

Tx ID;


Contract address;


Receiving address;


Hi @MaloneyKeane ,

I am sorry this happened to you, it can be easy to make this mistake, I have done it myself before if it makes you feel a little better. As far as I can see from the Cronos block explorer your transaction went from the withdrawal contract

via contract CronosCRC20 | Address 0x8f27db0e597b67f33d5fb58d5eecd6a3cc780942 | CronoScan

to another contract Immutable X (IMX) Token Tracker | CronoScan where you can see your transaction is listed.

I don’t know who owns this contract I have asked internally to see if anyone knows, but as far as I know we do not have any contracts on the cronos chain but waiting to find out for sure.

I honestly don’t know enough about the CRO blockchain or how exchanges integrate with it. I would guess that the second contract belongs to Gate and if they are not able to cryptographically access this then there is no way to return them. I would persist with to find out who owns that destination contract and then persist with the owner to find out if this is cryptographically retrievable

Hi @MaloneyKeane I have asked internally and unfortunately we do not have any affiliation with the Cronos chain in this regard and are not able to help you directly. I am sure you have tried this already but it is worth contacting the Cronos org directly rather than as you may get an answer here is an email to try:

You should also ask them if the issue would be resolved when Cronos enable the CRO-ETH bridging, not sure how it will impact the current transaction though. Good luck, I hope you find something.