Selling NFTs for ERC20 tokens on IMX marketplace, using the UnsignedOrderRequest

To sell NFTs for ETH on the IMX marketplace, I am able to place sell orders for ERC721tokens like this:

 const orderData = {
        buy: {
            amount: tokentosell.sellprice,
            type: 'ETH'
        sell: {
            amount: '1',
            tokenAddress: tokentosell.token_address,
            tokenId: tokentosell.token_id,
            type: 'ERC721',
        fees: [
              address: '0x383b14727ac2bD3923f1583789d5385C3A26f91E',
                fee_percentage: 0.5, 
    } as unknown as UnsignedOrderRequest;

const createOrder = async (
        wallet: WalletConnection, // WalletConnection containing the L1 and L2 signers
        orderData: UnsignedOrderRequest // Order Data from the previous step
      ) => {
        const response = await client.createOrder(wallet, orderData);
        return response;

      createOrder(wallet, orderData)
  .then((result) => {
  .catch((e) => {

But I do not have a clue how to sell them for ERC20 tokens. I would think the call would at least need the token address of the ERC20 token (GODS) but UnsignedOrderRequest interface does not even have that option.

Any tips?