Transfer API returns 500 Internal Server Error

Hey there! As I’m exploring another Illuvium collection called D1sk I noticed that something is wrong with the transfers API

It works for 0x9e0d99b864e1ac12565125c5a82b59adea5a09cd but exactly the same query doesn’t work for 0xc1f1da534e227489d617cd742481fd5a23f6a003
it returns 500

{"code":"internal_server_error","message":"The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request"}

The problem seems to be with the direction=asc param, once I remove it the endpoint returns results just fine.
Could you please take a look?

Also this request fails. Something must be off with one of the transfers in that batch

Hey @Enigo,

Thanks for sharing the information, we currently have an open bug with the engineering team regarding this issue. I will let you know when this is resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards

hey @Arthur
any news on the issue?

And it appears that the transfers query also doesn’t work for other 2 Illuvium related collections