Unable to find transaction details

Hello again!
Following the suggestion from the other thread I was successfully able to fetch the price of minted assets for almost all of the tokens of token_address = 0x9e0d99b864e1ac12565125c5a82b59adea5a09cd
However, there are a few (31 to be precise) outliers, all from the same wallet 0xc57651549ba961b929fe7c589e22ae75e075008d. If I’m not wrong that’s the wallet of Illuvium itself, so maybe it is all expected, but I still wanted to clarify.

For any other token I was able to find a matching transaction on etherscan.io.
For example:

  1. Consider wallet 0xb34c2bce674104a7ca1ecebf76d21fe1099132f0
  2. Here is the transaction on etherscan
  3. From there I can get sILV2 price of 8.22 payed for token 46378

Now onto Illuvium wallet 0xc57651549ba961b929fe7c589e22ae75e075008d

  1. etherscan shows only 4 transactions for it
  2. Two latest ones are Withdrawal and Mint that are corresponding to tokens 74496 and 68698
  3. The listMints for the given address and wallet returns 31 total mints, 29 of those I cannot find on etherscan

I assume that those were somehow minted directly on Immutable? If so - how do I find associated costs? Or given that those mints are done by Illuvium itself there are no costs?
Lastly, how come there is no information stored on etherscan or am I missing something?


Hey Enigo!

If an NFT was minted on Immutable (L2) and never traded, there will be no price history for it. The NFT will also not exist on Etherscan until it gets withdrawn to Ethereum (L1).

Etherscan shows only L1 transactions while Immutascan is for L2 transactions. Hope that clears things up!

Hey @Jeffy
Well, not really, to be honest.

The first NFT I mentioned was never withdrawn or traded yet I’m able to find the corresponding Etherscan transaction for the mint event.

From my understanding of L2 solutions, such as ImmutableX, it aggregates a bunch of transactions and then pushes it to L1 to be stored on the blockchain. Interaction with a contract to mint a new NFT is classified as transaction as well right.

Lastly, do I understand it correctly that the mint event itself is free for the contract owner if executed on L2?

I dug into one of the examples: https://market.immutable.com/collections/0x9e0d99b864e1ac12565125c5a82b59adea5a09cd/assets/38263
It looks like there’s no price history associated (never traded on L2).

It was, however, minted and transferred on L2: https://immutascan.io/address/0x9e0d99b864e1ac12565125c5a82b59adea5a09cd/38263

I don’t know why there’s nothing on Etherscan for this. It might be worth reaching out to the Illuvium team to check how they did the sale.

Hmm, I thought that ImmutableX support team would be the one to answer this tbh.
Aren’t you supposed to push those mint and transaction events to the L1 blockchain eventually?

Games get to decide how they want to sell, transfer, or giveaway NFTs. We can use the APIs and blockchain explorers to check mint details and infer the primary sale price. If no sale was recorded, it makes sense to check with the game on whether the NFT was part or a giveaway or if the sale was made outside of the Immutable ecosystem.